1412 N Kingsley Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90027-5706

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They're baaack! Not a tenant, but know people in the building. Apparently one of the units on the ground floor is pretty bad. Not sure if any action is being taken to treat it....all I know is I'm steering clear.

I almost moved in to one of the 3rd floor units before seeing these reports (thank you bedbugregistry!), and when I asked the manager here is what he said: one of the first-floor units became infested back in early summer 2011, and in an effort to be vigilant they tore all the carpets out of that unit. Unfortunately that had the effect of sending the bedbugs fleeing all over the building; they migrated up to the 2nd-floor unit above and the 3rd-floor unit above that, and then apparently into the

adjacent 3rd-floor unit I was going to move in to, where the previous tenant moved out because the bugs got so bad. All three of those units have been chemical bombed multiple times and left empty for more than a month now, and to his credit the manager said he even slept on the carpeted floor in two of the units to try and be sure the bugs were gone. Too bad bedbugs can hibernate for six months or more -- in other words, move in at your own risk, the problem may be genuinely dealt with, or they may still be there, lurking in the woodwork and waiting to start up again.

see full report...

I just found some bed bugs in my apartment about a week ago, and when I let the manager know, he told me my neighbor just moved out because of it - it's a building-wide problem, but they're definitely not letting the tenants know unless you have them!

As the other person reported, they're using in-apartment bombs and are calling a pest control company to spray apartments.

Multiple units in this apartment building have bedbugs. There have been reports of bugs since April that were treated with over the counter foggers and bombs and by steam cleaning the carpets. Now the bugs are back and the building is still being treated unit to unit, not as a whole building.
I'm moving ASAP and doing my best not to take the bugs with me.

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