1716 N Edgemont St
Los Angeles, CA 90027-4102

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People get your information from good sources and do your homework. If you did start getting bites within a couple days of move in, then you or your guests are the culprits. Bedbugs travel from one infestation to another by our movements. They hop rides in luggage, tote bags and even purses. So before you go and claim the management some how is responsible do your research. You have a duty to take care of the apartment, clean and maintain it. Even the most respected hotels have had problems with

bedbugs. Stop blaming management. I live at 1716 N.Edgemont st. and have for some time. It's real easy to get on these forums and just blast away without any shred of evidence. This building has been run very well and maintained above other buildings I have lived in the past. My two cents !!

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Found myself getting bites, then woke up one day with a bed bug on my shirt. Noticed that people have been throwing their mattresses out on the sidewalk. I did too.... completely freeked out! I want to move!

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