1837 N Alexandria Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027-4002

Found 25 reports:

The bed bugs started in 402 in early 2010. I was unable to sleep and my baby had welts. I apologize because I had to move and later found out from the manager that the whole place became infested. The managet was my boyfriends uncle, but my ex spread them because he was a whore screwing sluts he had move in with discounts that he met on craigslist and at strip clubs. His uncle helped him with this. He even had one of his stripper whores sister move into my old unit..402..Tovar! Noticed all the H

ollywood hotels where he 'parties n plays' witj crystal meth and hookers are also infested...particularly the Coral Sands Motel on Western by Ralphs where he frequents and films unbeknownst to his drugged up victims.

see full report...

Since the day I moved into Apartment #312, I have been plagued by bed bugs. This has dragged on for nearly two years.

The bugs are so gross!

I am sleeping in my car, and throwing away most of my clothes. I stored the rest of my possessions in two units I had to rent because of this.

Building Management has repeatedly refused to exterminate.

I think it is time for me to give up and move on . . .

They travel from apartment to apartment and also come in boxes and used furniture. They can lay dormant with no signs of existence for a long periods of time. The whole building has been infested for a very long time and management does nothing but lie to new and existing tenants about the situation. I moved out last year and wished I would have done it sooner. I had to throw out over 1/2 of my belongings.

I moved in February 2012. I spotted one and killed it. I immediately reported the sighting to management who refused to send an exterminator based on one sighting. It's now mid-March and I haven't seen anymore and don't show or feel any bites. I thought it was a bad decision for management not to send an exterminator regardless. It would be safe to at least do a thorough inspection. It's most likely the bugs come in from the halls so I recommend sealing the space beneath your door anyway you can

. Hopefully that will help.

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They're all lying. I lived there until late 2011 and the place was infested with them. It's why I moved out. Run for the hills!

The apartment complex still has bedbugs (As of late February 2012) and apparently the landlord and building manager are telling prospective tenants that there aren't any and that the building hasn't had them "since 2010." I would HIGHLY recommend finding another place to live...

i just moved into a unit on the top floor of this building and i am discovering the place has bedbugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ughhhhhhh.......

Just so you know whoever posted the comment about THE ALEXANDRIA posted it for the WRONG property. It is NOT for 1837 N. Alexandria. It is for a low-income propery in Downtown Los Angeles at 501 S. Spring St. Los Angeles CA 90013. Their website is http://www.thealexandria.net/. Check their website then read the post again. The post about THE ALEXANDRIA should be removed as it does NOT pertain to Alexandria Apartments.

In 2009 there were BEDBUGS in THE ALEXANDRIA because I lived there. I lived through six months of being bit by them. The Alexadria wouldn't spray my unit for BB insisting my bites we're from something else. My unit was sprayed 17 times with chemicals BB are resistant too. I'd show mangement my welts because I'm allergic to them. I was in the ER because the ones on my neck swelled into large balls. I saw doctors. People I knew were beginning to think I had an allergy that was going undetected. O

ne night with the help of another tentant we turned over my heavy queen size mattress and found several enormous BB full of my blood. I took pix of them.

Although there we're signes placed by the garbage area to not deposit matterres's by it, we threw the matteress out and my down duvet. I bought a plastic blow up matteress and a blow up kit for approx $60 at Target. BB don't live in plastic. The next night I was bit because I didn't throw out my down pillows. I lost approx $5,000 in beddings. I refused to pay rent becuase it's against the law to have paying tentants in an infested unit with BB.

If any body is still living there and you have the courage to stop paying rent you will win in court. The Alexandria will give you a pay or evict notice. You have five days to respond to the L.A. Superior Court on why you're not paying it. Before you do this document everything and keep all paperwork. The notice of the unit being sprayed, EVERYTHING. Tape the managments lies on your phones recorder. Take pictures of the BB. When you receive the pay or evict notice go to the court and get a pay waiver form. Most of us qualify for it, if we're living at The Alexandria. Fill out the form enclose your documentation within five days to the court. It's on Hill street. I stopped paying rent for 3 months before I was served on September 2, 2009. I moved out at the end of September. (I lived there for free for four months and loved it. I'd walk by mangement without a care because it takes three months to get the paperwork filed for a legal eviciton)
The Alexandria legally is required to tell me the date we go to court. The PROFFESIONAL liars did not. I missed my court date in October. The Alexandria attended and the judge RULED IN MY FAVOR and dismissed my case oweing them back pay for my unpaid rent.

If you choose to live at The Alexandria you will have BEDBUGS. PERIOD. If you're told their methods will get rid of them it is a LIE. They're in violation of several codes and should be shut down to renters. The entire building would need to be vacated and wrapped in some type of casing and then entirelly fumigated to rid their BB. They are not going to do this until the 'law' shuts them down. I'd love a class action suit to be filed, if there is enough people, count me in.

Please note The Alexandria when they remodeled placed tentants on the streets of L.A. Many were disabled and couldn't find homes thus The Alexandria had a case filed against them for making people homeless. They lost. I believe they had to pay Five million dollars to the people they through out.

It's negative energy there. Please 'run' don't 'walk' out of there and don't beleive them. How people live with themselves at the end of the day when they lie everyday to numerous believing victims looking for shelter is not sad, it's criminal. Sociopaths are the only type of individual that can work in their management. They're trained to proffesionally lie.

Best of luck.

see full report...

If anyone reads this , and I hope some one is, I recently rented an apartment in this building and no sooner did I move in that I found 3 bedbugs in my bed. I destinctely asked the guy who rented me the place if a problem existed and he told me no. I have tried contacting management but no one has returned my call. As a single girl, it is hard enough to feel safe living alone, but now living with bedbugs, I am frightened and disgusted.

June 1, 2011

All Tenants
1837 N. Alexandria
Los Angeles, CA 90072

RE: Bed Bug Issue

Dear Tenants:

Earlier this year, we began receiving calls from some tenants regarding bed bugs in their units. As soon as the reports came in, Management immediately assigned UniCare Pest Management, Inc. to take care of the problem. However, after many attempts, we are still receiving calls from tenants that they are having bed bug problems.

On April 22, 2011, we contracted with Ever Guard Ex

terminators, a “Bed Bug Specialist,” to take over the property’s pest control service. After some service calls and unit by unit inspection, we found the source of the problem. The problem was due to a tenant bringing in used furniture into the property. The tenant was immediately instructed to have the items in question removed. Management would like to remind all tenants that all used furniture must be treated for pest control before moving into the building. DO NOT bring furniture and mattresses from the street into the building.

Effective June 1, 2011, Ever Guard Exterminators is scheduled to inspect and treat this bed bug problem at the property on a weekly basis until we are certain that the problem is resolved. You can also contact Vantage Management to arrange a specific time to inspect and service your unit.

This Management is committed to resolving this issue and will continue to provide you with the best service possible. We also have appointed Mr. Tomas Gutierrez to oversee this project and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call him at (626)574-7900.

All the reported bedbug issues were treaded accordingly, however, we will continue to watch and monitor the progress.

We appreciate your patience and full cooperation.

Vantage Asset Management, Ltd.,

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I am living in this building and i know there are people who are living here that have had bed bugs for a long time. The management is doing very little. The management does not even return calls. This is probably illegal or against city codes. I believe a class action suit will be in the works if the management does not become more interested in solving this problem. If you are looking at this because you are interested in renting here I would seriously look else where. The management lies

to new people who look here and says that all is fine. IT IS NOT!!!!!!!!!! BEDBUG ALERT!!!!!!! BEDBUG ALERT!!!!!!!!!! Besides, there isn't any parking here and you are not permitted to have air conditioning...and bedbugs like the heat..... so .....forget this place!!! I like many others it seems are going to be moving as well......

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When my boyfriend and I moved into this apartment 5 months ago I specifically asked the manager if there was a bed bug problem he said NO. 'There were isolated incidents on the top floor a year before.' Now that we have them we are finding out that a good deal of the apartments are INFESTED with bed bugs including the apartment directly next to us. The other tenants probably have them but have no idea because the bites do not irritate their skin. Not only is there a huge problem but the manager

did not tell us that the apartment directly next to us has had bed bugs for a YEAR and they have not gone away after 7 treatments. And now I see that there have been bed bug incidents reported on this website all along and that's not half of the people who actually have them but have not reported on this site for the last 2 years. I am extremely pissed to say the least. My boyfriend is highly allergic and we are both going CRAZY. Since the management failed to warn us of the infestation even after we had specifically asked AND they have not been nearly as efficient about this mess as they should be we may need to seek legal aid. Many of us in the building want and deserve compensation and we're willing to fight for it.

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I am on the third floor....in hell......!!!! I have lived here many years and have never had a problem. Now I do!! Apparently the guy next to me has admitted to having them for months...lord knows how long he has really as he is a...pardon the expression ... pig, and apparently kept this information to himself. Once I discovered the sweet critters last week sleeping in my bed and informed the manager he has been right on it and I am waiting for my 3rd visit from the exterminator at t

his very minute. I understand it can take as many as 6 visits . Something to look forward to. I am deeply unhappy ....quickly crossing over to delirious. SHIT!!!!!!!!

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I'm on the second floor, we just found a couple of bed bugs. The tenant above us is infested. The tenant next to him has had them for months but did not report it. I am very shocked to hear that within the last five months of us living here there have been four or five reports on here, the manager assured me bed bugs had not been a problem in years. I am extremely disappointed with our situation in this apartment building.

I am the manager of Unicare Pest Management. We are contracted to provide a monthly pest control service to this apartment. Occasionally we found bed bugs and they were treated immediately and followed by follow up treatments. Most tenants don't know that Bed Bug treatment program usually require 2 to 3 follow up treatments before bed bugs are completely eliminated. Tenants should also be made aware that bed bugs don't grow themselves in the building; they are brought in by tenant. There are ove

r 40 units in this complex, bed bugs have only been found in a few of them. Tenant should carefully screen where they stay when they travel.

see full report...

There has never, at any time, been an infestation of any kind in this building. We have experienced a few isolated incidents all of which have been dealt with and treated immediately by our pest control company. Management has actively, aggressively and proactively dealt with any issues in a timely manner as they have been reported to us. It was determined that the source of these incidents was from tenants bringing used furniture into their apartments. It is critical that you do not buy used fu

rniture (especially bedding items or upholstered items), or at least do not bring them into your home until you, or a competent expert, have inspected them carefully for any signs of bed bugs (live or dead bed bugs, their eggs, fecal spots, or cast skins). Again, we would like to make it perfectly clear that there has never been an infestation of any kind in this building, and we are currently not experiencing any issues at this time.

see full report...

I moved out of apartment 304 a month ago. I'm disgusted that management has still not taken care of this problem. They also are ignoring all of my requests for my security deposit back. Hopefully they are not still using the same exterminator that is spraying ineffective chemicals and making the problem worse with foggers.

Another person on 2nd floor. I thought they were gone but they came back. I think they're coming from outside the apartment so I don't think extermination is an option. I'll just arrange my bed so they can't get in it. Remember, they don't jump or fly so just make it so they can't crawl in (legs of bed in small containers of water would do the trick).

I'm on the second floor. I've had problems with bed bugs for months, and have had exterminators in multiple times. Clearly, I'm not the only tenant.

4th floor. Pest control came twice and we still have a problem. Other apartments affected too. Beware!

December 10, 2010

apt. 305

found 3 tonight after 2 weeks in apartment
landlord is calling pest control on monday

since it appears the whole building or at least the top 2 floors are suffering i dont think the situation will be resolved :(


Just moved in. Found two bed bugs after just one night in the apartment (third floor). Fortunately no bites yet. Manager called exterminator immediately. Hopefully going to nip this in the bud.

4th floor. Found approximately 3 or 4 weeks ago. Pest control has been out once and will come again this next weekend.

Apt. 312

Found 4 weeks ago. Still trying to get rid of.

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