1324 Calumet Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90026-5106

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norma apartments in brooklyn 3215 avenue H
has bed bugs


Bed bug madness!! STAY AWAY from this wreaking hell of bed bug central. At least 1 apt on every floor is or has been infested with bed bugs. I was getting tons of bites a night until I had it, got up and left losing most of my possessions in the process.

I moved into this building in march and started getting bedbug bites june 10, 2010. I immediately informed the landlady, norma navarro and asked if anyone in the building had this problem before. she said no, but I soon discovered that the problem had been going on for at least a year. I was getting 50 bites a night and ended up throwing away most of my belongings, paying for an exterminator out of my own pocket and moving out. I am still plagued by fears that I brought them with me a month late

r. the owner of this building consistently lied to me and took down notices I put up in the building to warn other residents. do not consider moving into this building. if you live in this building and have bedbugs, please document your conditions and sue the owner for negligence.

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Bedbugs are migrating from level to level. Lived here 5 years, never saw a bedbug until 7/10. Landlady allowed problem to flourish several years on 2nd floor, could not keep tenants. Average tenant stay 3 months. Walls and floors full of cracks which allow easy migration. Hardwood floors in units have 1/8" to 1/4" inch gaps between every boards, which allow rapid migration of bedbugs. Now landlady Norma Navarro of Kipling Properties sprayed only one level. Bedbugs migrating. Also severe cockroac

h problems. Norma Navarro of Kipling Properties has allowed numerous bedbug and cockroach problems without action.

Note: also several mysterious fires in building hallways, then immediate appearance of insurance appraisers.

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Just found out that 2 apartments on the 2nd floor have been infested with bed bugs for 1 year. After residents talking amongst ourselves, I learned the entire 2nd floor has bed bugs, 3 apartments on the 1st floor and one apartment on the 3rd floor. I am on the 4th floor and considering moving out. I haven't even lived here a year and I can't believe the landlady didn't take care of this problem sooner. Now the whole building is being taken over.

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