3630 Marathon St
Los Angeles, CA 90026-2823

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This building is under new management since 2010 that has taken an aggressive stance on pest control. The building has been free of bed bugs for over a year now.

Extended stay hotel
2200 empire ave
Burbank ca 91504

I stayed here for a month while searching for an apt. and woke up 1 morning with terrible bites.
This kept happening until i did more research. thy managment was very dismissive an dunhelpful to say the least.

I moved into this apt building four months ago (march 2009) but was living half the time in san francisco. I had lived in my sf apt for 4 years and was/is clean of bed bugs. Anytime i am here in the La apt I would get these awful bites... and thought it might be fleas for the reason that this is a dog friendly building.

I researched further after finding the bug and was able to confirm that it was bed bugs. I had bought my brand new bed and had it delivered to this apt before I knew that

there was a problem. I now live her full time and since then the landlords have called an exterminator but it has been very costly to me because I have to clean all my clothes and bedding after every treatment. It is awful and have moved into the living room as for I can't sleep on my brand new bed due the bugs and the bites. I want to move everything into storage after I clean it cause I don't want to end up moving into another apt and have those little devils in my things...

It gets worse. I found out that the previous tenants that lived in this apt moved out because of of bed bugs. I don't know if I can handle much more and don't really know what to do since I'm in a year lease. So far I have lost money from my brand new bed, laundry, and time spent cleaning an apt that should've never been rented.

Do not move here!!!! I also asked the exterminator if there is other units with the bugs and he said yes.

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