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Two years ago, my boyfriend (let's call him Josh) noticed a bedbug on my shirt while at his apartment. Over the course of the next week, we found more and more bedbugs on our clothes and in his bed. We contacted our management, who eventually sent out an exterminator. About a month later, more bedbugs appeared. Josh called and pleaded with management to do a thorough sweep of the apartment complex to deal with the problem. It turns out the apartment directly above Josh's had a full-blown in

festation in every room in the apartment. The exterminator described it as "grisly... the worst infestation I've seen in six years on the job." Josh spent about 8 hours vacuuming the entire apartment, put all his clothes and sheets in trash bags, ran them through the dryer, and followed every instruction to the letter (he's totally anal retentive). Within a few months we had seen our last bedbug. He moved out of the apartment about six months after that, and has been living across town for the past year with no bedbug sightings.

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