1238 S Beverly Glen Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90024-5207

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I lived here for three years. In December 2008 I came home and was making my bed. I killed one right on top of my bed under my comforter. I had no idea what I had killed. Gradually I began to get bites and by April the weather warmed up alot we had some heat spells. It was at this time that the bugs really were everywhere and I found out what they were. The landlord was of no help and claimed I should just wash my bedding ! I basically told her I was moving and wanted the full deposit bac

k. She did refund it in full. I moved, very carefully with a brand new bed, sheets, clothes ect. But I had the bugs in my car too ! So the bugs came along with me. I had to break the lease after just five days in my new apartment too ! I got so tired of the battle with the bugs. I just threw out all of my belongings except my jewelry. I walked out in brand new flip flops, new sweats and got a new car lease turned in the old one ahead of time. I found that paying a little extra on my car lease each month is better than washing, and cleaning and getting professional pest control for months and better than not sleeping and getting bites. To me it was so worth it, and guess what I had nice stuff too ! Like a pair of Gucci shoes and stuff like that. But I can say that I started to get the allergic reactions and I had to keep working so this was my only ticket to gaining my sanity back. I basically lost everything even my boxes of photos but it is so worth it to have the bugs be gone. This is a living nightmare and wouldn't wish it on anyone. I still don't know the source of the bugs. Was it the neighbor upstairs who had the hobby of picking up old used furniture from the trash then restoring them ? Was it used bedframe I purchased on Craigslist ? Was it my other neighbor who took frequent trips to Asia ? Or was it another tenant ? We had four people move out during this time and four new people move back in. What ever the case I am sure the building was not treated as a new tenant was going to move in as soon as I was gone. Friends if you are faced with this, fight hard and know there will be an end to it. Cut back on the stuff you are trying to keep it will make it easier. If you can dump all your stuff to help ease the stress, I would say it is the very best way out. I lived in a small studio apartment so all of my belongings were close to my bed therefore I had to do it this way. In the end I lost about 15k worth of belongings, including the brand new set of stuff I bought when I moved. If you do throw away everything put a note on it so no one will pick up your stuff, and be so very careful when you walk out the door as a final exit ! It is so easy to bring it with you when you move.

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