4067 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90020-3130

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runnnnn. You feel like you found a gem when you first move. Then when you settle in all the problems come at once. Bed bugs are everywhere. Rats you will never see but you will see there feces everywhere. Their fix for everything is patch it up and the problem is gone... Roaches live there. Know when you sign the lease you will be signing it with Rats, Roaches, and Bedbugs. Save yourself and your possessions. Management does not care about you. They are all about money!!

Hi I lived at this location for 3 plus years and for the entire time I lived in this building there were bedbugs galore, plus roaches, and mice, I finnally hac to file a law suit against the owners after having as many as 3,000 bites on my body. I also had to idure constant fumigation attemps by the building to get rid of the bugs with no avail. After much damage to my person, and my belonings I moved out. I am still waiting for a settlement, after more than a year. I have also indured having pi

ctures of my scared body posted on several websites. This was form 2008-2011. DO NOT MOVE IN TO THIS BUILDING UNDER ANY CONDITIONS.

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Mysterious bites all over me had become painful and I was frustrated. Finally, one night,I see with my own two eyes a tiny bug devouring me, then, the next day huge bites at the location. What?! Upon research I found it was bed bugs. Disgusting. I am very neat and clean. And management knows but are in no means aggressive about solving the issue.

I'm in a slum. Never in my life, with all the apartments I've had, have I ever dealt with filthy bed bugs!

4077 W 3rd St.

Stay away from this place at all costs! It's cheap, dirty, and infested with roaches and bed bugs. Not just select apartments, all of them. The place is run by morons. I asked to have my room sprayed and they did it...three weeks later. The thing is, I found out they removed the sheets from my bed and sprayed my mattress to get rid of bugs. I couldn't sleep on it so I decided to me to a better place. Please stay away, it's not worth the sleepless nights, the biting from bugs

, and the awful roaches.

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its july and the BB's are alive and well.

absentee ownership = slum

moronic tenants don't help the matter.

It is DISGUSTING! DEFINITELY! ROACHES GALORE AND BED BUGS! and I have been bitten over and over and I am desperate at this point so I am looking and running away. The building is very dirty...VERY DIRTY and management does not care at all.

Walls in the hallways are all tagged and scratched up and the doors are all tagged and scratched as well and they don't care.

BUGS AND I MEAN ROACHES AND BED BUGS GALORE!!!! they fumigate once in a while with spray and BOY THE ROACHES SEEM

TO MULTIPLY even with that

The building needs to shut down and a tent needs to be put up or something.

People that live at this location pay very little rent and are scared to say anything because they feel that they are going to get evicted.


Next door at 4077 West 3rd Street does not look as bad, 2 buildings connect thru the hallway entrance but they are not combined inside.

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