411 S Catalina St
Los Angeles, CA 90020-2409

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These areas of bed bugs are coming from A room
611 S. Catalina St which is located behind of the building inside of the parking lot basement .

There are numerous reports indicated that there are thieves are hiding inside of this property for quite long time committing countless crimes like breaking in entry, robbery, Grand theft, theft targeting over homeless people, students, businessman's belongings around that busy business commercial areas in Korea Town which is now known as K-t

own which is formerly known as a jurisdictions of LAPD Rampart division, Currently a LAPD Wilshire/Olympic Division .

A Extensive researches shows that those thieves are very active at night & early morning. All of them are Heavily intoxicated with Street narcotics & alcohol & All of Them are all Armed & Dangerous .

Those Individuals are A Hispanic/Caucasian female named alias "Chia" or "Chola" , "Stephanie" Who She claims She is belongs to Local "18st Gangs". Her partner Hispanic /Caucasian male 5'-10" around 185 pounds "Ronnie" or Alias "Joker" who is belongs to the Local "Echo park gang" who is most likely responsible of 2010-2012 countless thefts over numerous homeless's over at Echo park in Down Town, L.A.
Both of them are usually posted at 3488 W. 6th St 7-Eleven for panhandling at night.

Thefts goods buyer is A Hispanic male 5'-10' about 200lb dark skin "Danny" or Alias "Caveman". who is belong to "MS Gang" & similar attire of his brother are a Crime of Accessory Also both of them lives in 611 S. Catalina St back of the building basement.

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I live in Wilshire Catalina Towers. I have been struggling with bed bug since end of march 2011. I reported to manager and they treated four times for a month. however, their treatment did not work at all. bed bug keep coming out.I suggest to landlord to get heat treatment. but they didn't response at all. and I ask to move out. but landlord refused it because i have contract until end of November. so I still live in this room with bed bugs. This is really really horrible situation. I can't slee

p well and I have to deal with toxic because they keep spray toxic to kill in my room.
however, I feel the toxic are killing me rather than bed bug.

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