974 S Gramercy Pl
Los Angeles, CA 90019-2153

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The man posting the previos comments is a disgrace of man named Marcus Thomas. He is a lonely and bitter sociopath. If you are a renter do not be this mans neighbor. If you own a property DO NOT RENT TO MARCUS THOMAS he is a nut-case and every person in our community knows it.

stay away from this building slum land lord name james laura ,wont fix anything in the apartment he will threating u with a unlawful eviction,after u sign a year lease also, they have bed bugs crawling around in the apt,he will deny it,and say it spiders anything but what it really is,the tenants have dogs that dont take of them,they let the dogs drop feces in the hall way,the washers and dryers down stairs over flow on the ground,the housing department,has already sited them,this building is ru

n by lance j robbins just type his name in google,hes 1 of the most famous slum lords in losangeles hes been sued for water and electric bills and other citations please please beware do your home work stay away from this building

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move in on 12-01-11 was getting bites on body and backs after 2 weeks didnt no what it was,the bites happened when i sat down by my computer i would fell little things crawling on me thought it was in my mind but sure enough i would wake up to find these little bites that would itch on my face and back.told manager they did nothing,until this day,this place had been through 2 others managers that got fired or left due to building not properly being handle right they got cited by the city for the

water heaters down stairs,my sinks wont drain right my heater dosent work nor does the stove i been using a micro wave plus a portable heater i bought moving soon dont come here also they allow pets the people in the building let the pets use the bathroom where ever and they dont clean up after them,what got me is that the building look cool from the outside but has to many issues on the in

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