669 S Union Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90017-1632

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I lived at the President apartments from November 2011-November 2012. I noticed bedbugs about 6 months after living there but heard horror stories from my neighbors prior. At first I noticed the bites but didn't see any bugs. Then we flipped our mattress and found about 5 or 6. Less than a week later I was squishing them by the dozen.

Management made efforts of doing a "K-9 bedbug inspection" which took place twice during my residency there (also which I was not allowed to be inside for). No

t once did they make any comment of finding the bugs OR do anything about it when I told them. Upon moving out all I could say was "sorry for the streaks of blood all over the walls!!"

Don't be fooled by the cheap rent. You'll be eaten alive!!!

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