1821 S Main St
Los Angeles, CA 90015-3611

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I live on the 1839 building which is managed by the same company and managers as 1821. This was my experience:

I had bedbugs in this building and management was really good about it! Within a few days they called Admiral Pest Control and the guy took care of my problem. It was a lot of work preparing my apartment for the spray, but it was well worth it! I only needed one spray to get rid of my problem! I talked to my neighbors and some have had the problem but the guy from Admiral took c

are of their apartments as well.

I dont know why the previous person would say that management charged $500 to spray because none of us were charged.

Bedbugs are a common problem now but if you have good managers and a good pest control company, you wont be living with bedbugs!

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I moved into this building in May of 2011. The unit was very clean. I did not see indications for any kind of pests (roaches, bed bugs, etc), however, about two months into my 6 mos lease, I started seeing bed bugs. They have sprayed my unit once, but I will be moving anyways as Im not going to wait around to see if they come back. I threw my mattress and sheets and comforter away.

Im currently looking into any recourse available to get out of my lease and get my deposit back.

Our apartment as well as other apartments are infested with bedbugs. The county health department confirmed the bedbugs and ordered our unit treated by a professional. The bugs went away for about a month, but are back again. We have thrown away our mattress and sleep on an air mattress, among other precautionary methods, but it seems futile.

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