647 W 18th St
Los Angeles, CA 90015-3417

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This is in response to Jose's critique of the premises. I lived there about three years ago and there was no bedbug problem at that time -- at least none that affected me. The roach problem, however, was very severe and the then-current building managers took no steps to abate it. The building is unquestionably a slumlord's dream. At that time, they were permitting families of four to reside in 200 sq. ft. units designed to accomodate one person -- and that very uncomfortably. They store da

ngerous chemicals and flammables illegally in and about the premises. Rats and roaches abound. Unquestionably the common areas are unsafe and I wouldn't light a match in the building around those dilapidated gas lines. Given the building's abysmal condition and the sordid track record of its managers, there is no reason to doubt Jose's bedbug complaint.

I hope the current tenants can lodge the proper complaints and get the problem rectified.

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As of now I have finally moved out to a clean & safer place! The bedbug problem continues & the old managers Jaime & Juanita Ochoa have been removed of thier position for fraud & theft of property & money against the tenents who live at 647 W 18th St Los Angeles,CA 90015.

As of now June 7th 2012 the new manager Patricia Moldenado systematically continues the same way of carelessly managing the building. The bedbug problem has worsten.Again when informed about the problem she denys that there

is one & quickly dissmisses the tenet by simply stating (she told me this personally) that if I didn't like the slum conditions of the room I had been renting, then to move out!And that she didn't care if I had been living with these conditions for more than three years (Her words). After I had informed her in person & in writting about the horrid condition of the room that I had been renting ( broken & leaking sink,bedbugs & roaches, dirty & unsanitary carpet). The leaking sink had become so bad the wood floor underneath the rug was so decomposed, I was able to scrape it off with my bare fingers! She fails to accept her responsibilty as a competent manager & refuses to help resolve the issues any of the tenets might have on account of patty moldenado.

And in the worst case of a African American tenet was forced out of the building through racsism & harrasment & was even referred too by the "N" word by patty when he began to complain about the roach & bedbug problems that he was having. What it boils down too is this... The owners (LLC West 18 ST) & building managers do not care about the condition of the building or the tenents, they only care about taking advantage & money from the people who live here. And purposly keep the condition of the building in this manner as a power trip!

This building has been reported to the Health Dept & The Department of Consumer Affairs on several occasions. They have come out to inspect the building. And what they found was anything but auspicious. The wood & support beams in the buildings basement are completely rotted & weak, bedbugs & roach infestation through out the building, gas leaks, dirty & filthy restroom rooms & bathrooms. If an earthquke strikes the building will colapse, it's a death trap for anyone living here!!

Please avoid 647 W 18th St Los Angeles,CA 90015 at all cost! Save your money, time & trouble & KEEP AWAY!!!

I have pictures & video to prove my claims!!! I lived six years in apt #309 of 647 W 18th St Los Angeles,CA 90015 & only three of those years did I live in this manner on account of negligence & complete fault of the owners & jaime & juanita ochoa & more reacently patty moldenado ( who is still the current manager of this slum...

I just hope that these damn bedbugs didnt follow me to my new & safe clean home. If they did I will have no choice but to file suit against then because it all traces back to 647 W 18th St, ground zero!!

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Dear Jose Arrizon,
Contact me, like to know about your problem.
[email protected]

"Anonymous" Youre either the managers themselves trying to save you lying ways & pretending to be a tenent to clear yourselves of any responibility or someone affiliated with them! Stop the LIES!

If you were truly a concered victim like myself, you would not hide your identity.

The managers are rude people & the building is borderline slum! The bedbugs are still here & nothings been done to fix the problem...

Apt. 309

they have bedbugs. i live here. the bugs are getting worse. i used to see one or 2 at night. now i see them while watching tv during the day, just crawling on my shoes. in defense of this place, juanita and jaime, the managers, are easy going. the property is actually in good condition. unfortunately, bed bugs have become a problem even in nicer hotels. one hint that may work... the bugs can't climb metal. metal beg legs and move your bed away from the wall. this will keep you safe from them

until they figure out how to get into your bed, which they eventually did with me.

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My Name is Jose Arrizon. I live at this address (Apt #309). This building has become entirely infest with bedbugs. When I first moved in about four years ago, I realised that this place was also crawling with roaches & had a major problem with them. A problem that that managers have not addressed! About a year ago due to greedy owners, new undesirable tenets were allowed to move in, in particual one female tenent who lived in ver dirty condition. It is because of her how t he bedbug infestation

began. Its been a year now of living with these things, the managers & owners are aware of the situation & have done very little to insure the saftey of my well being & the problem only worstens with time. I lost my bed because of the pest & cannot afford to buy a new one. I have been sleeping on the floor for almost a year now & every night is the same thing with the bitting & feeling the bedbugs crawling on my body. I am suffering emotional & psychological distress & I am currently on anti-depressents because of this. On Sunday Aug/29th/ 2010 I received a phone call from my girlfriend April, she explained how she seen one crawling on the pillow of her dads bed. Her house was clean & safe, somehow these bedbugs travled with me to her home!
As of the same date Sunday Aug/29/2010 I had informend Juanita Ochoa & her Husband jamie Ochoa that I would be vacating the room.
And told them the reasons for why. They just gave me lies & run around stories that made no sense about how I should speak with the owners & not them, the managers.Owners who in her own words would be showing sometime during Wed,Thurs/Fri of the first week in Sept/2010. On Sept/4th/2010 Juanita Ochoa simple stated that the owners were not showing up after all that they would be on following week of Sept. I had also asked for the owners number which Jaimie Ochoa said he would provide me with. No number was provided & the owners never showed up...

From Aug/30th/2010 through Sept/04/2010 I had asked Juanita Ochoa when the owners would come so that I may speak to them, on Sept/6th/2010 I was given a 3 day notice to leave...

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