622 Wall St
Los Angeles, CA 90014-2314

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Bed bugs are here at ballington in 2011. As bad as bedbugs are; the management are worse since 2010. People are being murdered by management staff and surrounding programs. VOA Volunteers of America is one of the most corrupt organizations in the US. Don't believe what you see; people cleaning up streets, etc. Come here and talk to someone personally.

Yes there is a bedbug infestation at this address. There has been since November of 2008, when the management had a professional exterminator come into the building twice within two weeks and spray all of the units.

It is now May 2009 and the infestation has begun again affecting other buildings on the grounds. Unfortunately the mattresses from on building have been discarded and left outside in the garbage area. One can walk up to the mattresses and see the bedbugs crawling around. I feel th

at this is a poor idea as they can crawl on clothing or into the buildings creating re-infestation.

The management is aware and working with the residents but unfortunately vermin aren't ready to move out yet.

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The infesation has appear within the last six months on the first floor in building (E) at this address. The apartment management is aware but have not been proactive todate. The reports are that there are roughly two apartments with infesation.


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