451 S Main St
Los Angeles, CA 90013-1310

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Bed bugs,bed bugs ,bed bugs. Doesn't matter who brought them. Was treated three times, on the penthouse floor, still didn't help. Management acknowledged the problem at first then denied there were bed bugs in 1208,some crock of shit. I brought in a private exterminator and said the bugs a saved were in fact bed bugs,and the building has a recent history with mismanaging their bug issues.I lost everything, while Mike kept telling me he was addressing the bugs. Three months later I suffer from c

hronic hives that began ad soon as I noticed the bug bites.

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Although Mike is a nice guy (management) he is not supported by corporate to get rid of the BEDBUG problem in the building. I know that when I moved in with NOTHING that I couldn't have brought them. I bought all new things in hopes that I wouldn't get them. I had heard that the problem was in the building a week after moving in. I wouldn't allow people to visit my unit in fear they would bring them. I finally realized while sitting by the window that the wood framing wasn't replaced when the gu

tting of the building took place. I was getting bit up by the window only. I then set off 3 bombs that I purchased from Home Depo (never reinbursed) Then problem stayed. When the exsterminator guy came he only sprayed by the window and was due to come back on 3 other days and never came. I am fed up with my rent increasing and problems in my unit still remaining. I don't sleep alot due to the buds and I think it's time that we all start demanding a rent cut or the problem solved. TENT THIS PLACE 451 S. MAIN ST. AND GET RID OF THEM CHINCHAS ONCE AND FOR ALL. Or GIVE US BACK OUR MONEY SLUM LORDS
P.S did you know that they lay there eggs in your HAIR ... ewW YUCK

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I lived in the Rosslyn for around seven months. I was in denial of the problem for months. I had marks on my arms but they didn't itch. It wasn't until I found a live one in the kitchen that I finally admitted to myself that I had a problem. Despite being very careful, the bugs in my unit came in from the walls. By the time I moved out my place had been treated three times, yet I still found a live one in my bathroom. All my stuff is now in storage for a year while I wait for them all to die. Wh

at a nightmare. The bedbugs are inevitable in this building.

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I won my lawsuit, but sad to say I lost a lot more in my loft, Than what the judge gave me. mike (the manager) came to court with lies on his brain and told it ( saying he never got complaints from any other tenants. and had to trust what I was saying) I gave him bedbugs I found the Excellence pest and termites who has a contract with Rosslyn loft is no better they are on the lofts side and would not give the courts the records of visits before I moved in the lofts. there should be a LAW abou

t this they know they have infestation and still they are protected against messing up our property. is did not have a lawyer to darn poor!!! bottom line i won they lost BUT the news should be involved just for the embarrassment like i had the summer of 2011 walking around looking like a meth head living with scabies.. Rosslyn Lofts SUCKS!!!!!!!

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I told them over and over about me and bugs don't go,, I won't use her name (Manger) could have told me of this. my man work for a little and i am disabled,, what the hell, I spoke to somebody over mike, and she said I brought them with me! I never been through this crap, I saw two roaches in an old apartment and moved out the next day that's how bugs and me roll.. but now being very low on funds I could have moved else where if they told me of this bed bug ugly bumps and stuff. the bug people

checked my unit twice they found nothing, but I found two grown az blood sucking jerks walking on my floor, heading for my floor pillows. I catch it in a jar. that was on 8/2/2011 on 8/5/2011 I saw another grown thang. but we have no eggs and stuff.. THEY ARE IN THE WALLS WALKING ON WIRES UNIT TO UNIT.. I,M PISSED AND THIS IS NOT OVER I'M GONER SUE, I'm am glad I Goggled this address. this is just sad..

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The problem in the Rosslyn Lofts is the management. The property manager Mike, is a nice enough guy but neither has a degree in Property Managemet nor does he have a good understanding of how to run a place of this size. He's a former security guard, probably with a Highschool education although I'm not sure about his credencial it seems like the are very low. By law the management is supposed to make everyone that lives in this building aware of the bedbug proble but as of today there are st

ill people that live here and have not heard of it. Other apartments on any given floor seem to be infested with this pest. I talked to one resident today that didn't know this problem existed here in this building. I can see the bedbug problem and maybe other problems also that are not taken seriously, ending in a law suit for the owners because of inaffecive management. There are more problems here at the Rosslyn Lofts which are nonexistent security (we do have a lobby ambassador at nights) who is unarmed and often the door into the building is wide open to the skidrow public as well as others and no security guard can be seen at the location. and only one person has the job of cleaning the whole building and they only have surveillance cameras for the two top floors and the lobby. This building is unsafe but I thought I could be allright after I locked my door to my apartment. Apparently not. Now I have bedbugs to worry about.

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I have been in my unit for about 2 years and have had no sign of any bugs what so ever. I had gone out of town for thanksgivings, and upon my arrival on dec. 3rd 2010 I had taken a nap in the middle of the day and woke with about 5 bites on me; my boyfriend and I had checked our blankets, pillows, mattresses, and clothes and found nothing. I continued to get small red red bumps.. i.e. bites throughout the month. I was informed by 3 other tenants, just around news yeas when then moving out of

the building that their units had been infected with bedbugs. I then reported the issue to managements and was told they were spider bite, but they would do an inspection. it wasn't until two weeks after the report that I had finally got a notice that my unit would be inspected, which was after spending over $100 on washing clothes and buying specific insect repellent that an exterminator had come to inspect and had found 1 bedbug. after the conformation i was told to purchase several items to prepare for termination, which i did, then after I had purchased everything necessary I was told by lawyers and vase workers that management is required to inform all residences of any bugs, and they are required to supply all supplies necessary for treatment, but have not gotten any response and or means of reimbursement. After the inspection a week later the exterminators had mentioned that i was more prepared then most residence and i WAS REQUIRED TO leave my unit for 5 hours. upon my return the exterminator had told me by law that management would have the required mattress covers, which they dud not. I had then received a notice from the extermination company that they had sprayed the unit and would be back in two weeks to spray a second time. when they did not return i had contacted the management because I had not received a call or had them return and that is when i was told they didn't spray, and will in another week or two. finally on feb 4th my unit was sprayed for the first time but still no mattress covers or supplies were supplied. Due to this neglect i have been speaking with attorneys and case workers, and have documented and reported everything to management but have not gotten proper cooperation. I do not have funds to move anywhere nor do i want to bring the bugs to another place, so in closing I as well as all the tenants need to have their units treated regardless if there are signs any bug problems as the infestation will spread unless the entire building id treated. my patients is and has been running thin and I am forced to take a more severe approach if i don't get proper cooperation and will get my lawyers involved. SO IN SHORT IF YOU DO NOT THINK YOU HAVE THESE BUGS YOU ATE MISTAKEN!


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December 2010 and January 2011 - Multiple bed bug infestations in my room. Treated twice. Keep coming back. Found in bathroom and main room pretty much everywhere including the walls and behind picture frames. Under and in lamps, etc.

I have had my apartment treated repeatedly for bedbugs since February 2010 till date (December 2010) but the bugs appear to re-enter my apartment through the heating ducts and from under the wooden skirting.

August, 19 2010
I was taking a nap around 2:00pm when I felt something on my shoulder. I sat up and saw a fat red bug running down the side of my bed. Immediately, we flipped the mattresses up and found 10 bed bugs of all sizes around the mattress edges. We had mattress removed and disposed of the next morning.

May 2010 - A neighbor on the 4th floor of this building reported to me that his mattress and clothes were loaded with bed bugs and that he had many bite marks and was scratching himself everywhere.

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