215 E 45th St
Los Angeles, CA 90011-3420

Found 2 reports:

The owner is an ILLEGAL SLUMLORD. He knew this problem existed after numerous complaints. He discovered them everytime he would enter the room in question. He would give all of the tenants a used mattress pad, on a filthy box spring. Whenever someone would complain, he would either spray the mattress, or set off some type of fogger, then exchange the pad with another room, but the only way to address the problem is to replace the mattress with a new one.

The owner of such residence is known for renting rooms to individuals as if it was a business dwelling, but without having a license to do such, as well as a health inspections report which is required by the City Of Los Angeles. This person has knowledge of such incidents, but will deny such. I WILL EXPRESS THIS TO ALL CONCERNED, DO NOT UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE ENTER THIS DWELLING, ONLY AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

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