3355 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010-1803

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Began to feel what I thought were spiders but are BEDBUGS!!

6/05/2012 Suffering bites, thought it was a spider. Bed bugs in apartment. They're near the windows/radiator. Shocking and disgusting. Suspect they've been in the building. Saw a couple dry only for 60 minutes on high and now I know why.

May, 2010. Mysterious red bites all over my arms, legs and stomach. After searching under the bed, which is near the baseboard of the window/cement floor, found a small infestation of bed bugs. Am absolutely disgusted.

august/september 2011 i woke up and found that they were all over the place. They are gone now, after treatment, but I still see one or two and still feel anxious.

Bedbugs discovered coming through baseboards.

Bed Bugs in the Gaylord Apartments. Coming through the walls in many apartments

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