2717 Orchard Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90007-2356

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Management’s Response

We apologize for the incident with the bed bugs in your apartment. We take pest control, and especially bed bugs, very seriously. We pride ourselves on offering clean, safe and comfortable housing for USC students and have been doing so for over 30 years.

We have implemented a rigorous policy relating to bed bugs in order to eradicate and prevent this from happening again. All units are sprayed with industrial products prior to being leased. These product

s far exceed the capabilities of what can be bought in the store. We also use food-safe products for long term prevention in these apartments. The ability to address this issue quickly and with the least amount of disruption depends on the timeliness of our response. As a result, we ask tenants discovering bed bugs to notify us immediately. Upon notification, we immediately begin a four-step process to getting rid of bed bugs. We use commercial spraying, safe preventive measures, protection of the mattresses and proper laundering of clothes and bedding. We continue until the process is resolved. Fortunately, we currently do not have any reports of bed bugs.

This is a problem facing all properties and student housing. USC has published a guide for it’s students at http://housing.usc.edu/forms/Bed%20Bugs.pdf. This guide outlines how to tell if you have bed bugs, what to do if you discover them, and how to prevent them.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact us at (310) 541-4700.

The Management of The Columns at 2717 Orchard Ave.

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After about a week of moving into this property I began to have raised red bumps on various parts of my body-arms, legs, neck etc. These bumps itched bad and made me very uncomfortable. I didn't know what had caused those itching red bumps. One morning, after a sleepless night, I was sitting on the bed and scratching when I saw a bed bug crawling on the quilt. When I inspected the quilt carefully, I found another bed bug. Upon a careful look on the wall, I saw some bed bugs near the ceiling and

discovered more and more bugs. I was very upset with the situation and told my roommates to make a complaint to the landlord (I was on a sublease). It was then I realized that the place already had bed bugs and fumigation had been done before. Later I saw that there was a notice on the bulletin board by a pest control company about their visit for bed bug control. Apparently the landlord had done fumigation, and the mattresses had been sealed in plastic zippers but the bugs had not died completely. The landlord didn’t do anything and I myself searched on the internet for information about bugs and sprays and bought some bed bug sprays. It seemed to work for a night or two but after that it was same as before.

I recently moved from a small rural town in midwest to here for my studies at USC and had never seen any bed bugs before. This property while being within walking distance from USC campus and located in the supposedly safer side of the campus, is infested with bed bugs. From what I have heard, unsuspecting Indian grad students who have just landed in the US and are frantically looking for apartments are the ones who sign the lease (all the tenants in the complex were Indians). But by the time they realize the bed bug infestation, it’s too late. So, they just wait until their lease ends and move into another place. But by then there's a boat load of new Indian students ready to sign the lease; and thus the cycle continues!

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