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My roommate bought a used mattress from Koreatown not knowing any better (she is from China and I guess had never heard of them). We have been dealing with bed bugs for a month now and have undergone two treatments (first, heat; second, chemical). We had an inspection on Wednesday the 14th and they found one (dead) bedbug. Our last treatment was on the 12th and we hadn't had any bites but then this morning my roommate woke up with 5-7 on her arm. We were already scheduled for a (hopefully) l

ast bed bug treatment a week from this coming Monday, the 26th, but that is a long ways away and unless I can find somewhere to stay will be extremely stressful. I haven't gotten any bites, yet, this time around, though before I did have at one time 35 bites on my body, not all of which were actively itching. My roommate is in a bedroom, I'm in the living room, and my other roommate hasn't been able to move in completely because of this problem, although my first roommate did sleep there a few nights and got bit. There's another apartment here that also has them, according to the most recent inspection of the whole building (the 14th). Not sure if those were dead or alive. This building is old and has a lot of cracks and crevices, which are supposed to be sealed in the event of an infestation, from what I've read. Oh, and the apartment below us was treated chemically when we got our initial (heat) treatment since the bugs would travel down and not up because heat rises. However, one concern my roommates and I had and brought up was the possibility of them going sideways, into our neighbors apartments, and then coming back also. This is very psychologically distressing, especially for myself and the other girl living here.

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