1863 W 11th Pl
Los Angeles, CA 90006-4101

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My apartment building in APT 1 downstairs come to find out a man bought a mattress from a hotel of all places. He then a few months later began complaining thinking it was fleas to mgr. They sprayed for roaches. MONTHS go by hes truly infested they came to my apt upstairs and below nextdoor to him a lil girl is bit up.My neighbor that is directly above him isnt affected and thinks Im crazy.I at first thought I was having medication reaction I had welts that were uncontrolled at first. ER even ga

ve me diagnosis allergic reaction. Within that month after im still itching and i searched out my apartment.I saw ONE bug. I have for over a month been complaining and called health dept. they said if they cant see bugs they wont help? YOU CANT SEE them but you can see how im ate up everynight.Apt 1 has them running around visibly like they are his roomates the exterminator saw that but said hes not here to treat that just roaches fleas. My apt owner never fixes anything and yesterday was first time in 2 yrs Ive seen her face. They keep sending the roach man. I threw my bed off the balcony I am truly traumatized. I have fogged and now they are in my couches. I am in healthcare and I know what the bugs are doing to me. i really need help. I need to move but how I have $700. I cant live this. P.S My husbands family lives in the building they dont have them he is staying there but I am stuck here.Im going to end up divorced by this. i have massive bites. NEVER MOVE HERE

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