1122 Arapahoe St
Los Angeles, CA 90006-2902

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1120 South Arapahoe St.
Los Angeles, CA 90006

This four unit building shares a lot with 1122 South Arapahoe Street, another multi Unit building forming a complex of sorts.

The property is managed by United Realty. Chang Yum is both the owner of the Realty and the owner of the property. They have multiple properties.

We have had nothing but problems with our unit since moving in. Besides all kinds do of misrepresentations, there have been severe breaches of the warranty of habit

ability, the landlord authorized employees breaking into our unit with no notice, to demolish illegal walls before the inspector came, no heat for two winters, faulty electric, faulty plumbing, attempts at illegal rent increases, ants and cock roaches and a when host of other problems.

Now the problem is bed bugs. The landlord has been unresponsive to say the least. The landlord was formally informed of the bedbug problem while in small claims court by me - 21 days ago. (Though he clearly knew earlier.)

The manager has even gone so far as try to prevent the tenants from getting together.

I called my own Pest Control company to do an inspection - they were here the next morning at 6:00 am and we're ready to roll.

The Landlords company - under contract - won't start anything untill The 27th day, with each passing substantially worsening the infestation.

My advise stay away from United Realty and Mr Yum.

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My fiance and I recently moved into our apartment building about three weeks ago and since the first day we slept there we noticed bites which we thought were mosquito bites bites, but we started finding bed bugs all over our apartment and every night we find up to five bed bugs we cleaned everything twice and washed our clothes in hot water and we've noticed they have decreased but not by alot but if our neighbors have them then we are scared we might not get rid of them and right now we cant a

fford to move.

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