901 Irolo St
Los Angeles, CA 90006-1306

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I lived here for a few months. I didn't realize I was being bitten by bedbugs the whole time because, for me, the bites barely itched and didn't turn red. Pictures of bedbug bites on the internet look way worse than what I was experiencing so I assumed that I didn't have a problem. Turns out, I'm just not very sensitive to bedbug bites.
I had just bought a brand new mattress and bed frame for the apartment. I completely dusted the mattress with bedbug powder and the floor first thing w

hen I moved in as a preventative measure. I sprayed all over with bedbug spray also. I still ended up having bedbugs.
I'm sure they were in the apartment before I moved in. Other residents have mentioned experiencing bedbugs. I believe the building is infested and I consider my new bed, furniture, and apartment a lost cause.

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A year ago, I had my room bombed for bedbugs upon feeling, thus discovering one on my arm while sleeping. I had received only a few bites previously and didn't pay much attention to them, but they do itch just like mosquito bites.

The treatment or bug bomb worked and I was fine for a year. Unfortunately now, a year later, their back!!! According to the exterminator its because neighboring apartments have had their rooms treated recently, causing a migration to my less treated room. Apparentl

y mine wore off after a year.

I never bought the bedbug bed covers but thats the next step. Apparently its as good as buying a new mattress.

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