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Moved in Dec of '09. Started getting red itchy bumps within 2 months. Found out the building has a bed bug problem. Have had it sprayed multiple times. Went away for a month and came back. Don't live here! They are a disaster here!

Bedbugs have invaded our space within the last 6-8 months. We have had our space fumigated by management twice and it seemed to be better for just a few weeks. My boyfriend gets bit much worse than I do, not sure why. We also have been mopping and cleaning with tea tree oil. Also got brand new mattress and box spring, it held them off for awhile, but it has been really bad in the last few weeks. We are going crazy and cannot afford to move out for another mth or so. One interesting thing i

s that when we first asked our mgmt to have us fumigated, they quoted us a price! We said no way, so then they sprayed twice anyway but now my bf and I are wondering if they even did the correct technique or chemical, etc. We also now have proof, have a dead bedbug or two to show them/inspectors, etc. Not sure if we should just pony up for the Orkin man or not...any suggestions? ANYONE KNOW OF A STEAM VAPOR CLEANING SERVICE? I hear this works great. I found Greancleanla.com on line and I will try them, I hear it helps. Thanks!

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