729 S St Andrews Pl
Los Angeles, CA 90005-3144

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I couldn't understand why I had itchy bites all over my body. I slept like this for a couple of weeks thinking I had gotten a rash from cheap laundry detergent or possibly from something I ate. It never occurred to me that I was being bitten by bed bugs. As I was laying in bed watching tv I noticed a "tick like" bug. I captured it with a jar to try and determine what type of bug it is. Then it started to sink in while I was looking up bug bites on YouTube. Omg...the horror! I haven't been

able to sleep at night. Indeed I found bed bugs just as shown on line. I checked the folds of the mattress and that was the begining of my trauma. I am so freaked out about this. I have pets and can't get to the store fast enough to resolve this agonizing terror! Now I see that the building next to mine is on this list! 735 S. St. Andrews place! Im at 729. People will have you think that it is your fault but this list includes several buildings very close to me! Ugh!!!!

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