611 S Normandie Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90005-2621

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I moved In to this building in sept. 2011 and I noticed a bed bug immediately after I moved in but I didnt know thats what they were cuz I had never seen one before I reported it to the management company RPM and they ignored it they said they would take care of it and till this day me and my 3 kids under 8 are getting bitten all over our bodies. 2 wks ago they send a fumigator but I sti have them I had to get rid of the new bunkbeds I bought for my kids and my queen size bed as well as my couch

I lost my previous job cuz I couldnt go to work cuz of the bites and RPM management dont care all they wanted to do is take the carpet out of the apartment to the back parking lot wash ut and put it back in my place im going crazy nothing is being done and Im still paying my rent. im not the only one in this building with this problem help. I still have alot of them till this date 3/27/12

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