854 S Harvard Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90005-2535

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The owner is so rude he doent take anything in to concideration he doesn't care about your safety or your kids he will rip you off your money his name is STEVE AND THE MANAGER IS BERTA there exactly the same in ingnorent people when you move in they do t tell you how they will always charge you for everything that they are suppose to fix or how there is bed bugs and roaches everywhere there rats in the building to and alot o gang affiliated people go there not safe at all don't look in to this a

partment they just want to steel your money and there rude and unprofessional

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Please help us we live in 854 s Harvard nf James m wood we have so many bed bugs and we have told the manager and instead they get mad and say its just our stuff when we have seen them come out the wood of the wall there's a lot of roaches ants and even mice and they keep raising our rent by 35$-45 each month or three they don't fix anything in the building the back in full of junk and smells the cables that should be some how protected in the building has bin hang out and cats scratch at it it'

s grows Help who can we go talk to for this

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This whole apartment has bedbugs & roaches.
They have painted, ripped out the carpets, and changed management since 2010.

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