682 Irolo St
Los Angeles, CA 90005-2348

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The infestation in our apartment spread to our unit a little more than a month ago. First, I saw a bed bug crawling down the walls in my bathroom. I suspect it crawled out of the air vent connecting my infested neighbor`s apartment to mine. Then, over the rest of the month I found on average two to three bed bugs crawling on the ceiling above me in my living room every day. Since the first day we noticed bed bugs, my husband and I have tried everything. We bag, and wash our bedding and clothes o

n high heat once a week, sometimes more. We steam our bedding with high heat every day. We bought food-grade diatomaceous earth, and spread the powder near our bed, the cracks in the walls, the vents, and beneath our doorway. We set up bed bug traps beaneath the legs of our bed. We bought a bed cover. We use Raid (the kind specifically for bed bugs). We also tried dry ice (emits carbon dioxide that mimics human respiration, which attracts them). We have tried every method that you could possibly imagine to get rid of the bed bugs, and I still find a few bed bugs every day walking along my living room ceiling in broad daylight. Management offered to bring an extermination company to check for bed bugs. Clearly, I should not need to prove that we have a bed bug problem here after multiple units have complained of the same thing. The signs of infestation are all over my body. I have accumulated more than two dozen bite marks all over my body within the past month. When the extermination company issued by management came, he looked at our bed to find a baby nymph bug. Then he said, "Yeah, you have an infestation.", and quickly left. It wasn`t helpful at all. I asked the apartment manager to do a mandatory inspection of all the units in the apartment building, stating that some units may have bed bugs and not even know it. I told her this could spread it to nearby units just like our neighbors' had done to us, making the problem even more widespread. I told the manager that even if we killed all the bed bugs in our apartment, if our neighbors still have an infestation, we could easily suffer from a continuous, never-ending infestation. She agreed, and said it was a good idea. She told me that she was going to do a mandatory inspection, but I have heard nothing since then... no signs of mandatory inspections whatsoever. The manager told me my neighbor has had a bed bug problem for a while, and let it go without notifiying management for a long time. With neighbors who do not take personal responsibility for controlling their own infestations, and a management team who tells me everything I want to hear without taking action, I have no hope of being able to get rid of this bed bug problem. We might have to move soon despite our continued, tireless efforts.

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Building-wide infestation for bed bugs on all floors. It seems as though I walk by a new exterminator door tag every couple of weeks now. The main problem is with management that refuses to follow the law and inspect adjacent units when there is an infestation. This building has a long history of bed bugs and it seems to be getting worse. I am positive that my particular unit has had bed bugs before as a lot of cracks have already been sealed with caulking. I would suspect my infestation is comi

ng from a neighbor through the walls.

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infestation found in bedroom. management did NOT call exterminators, but used a store-bought bug fogger. did not work, and mgmt eventually called in exterminator anyway (at mgmt's expense), after we resolved to move out and found a new apartment.

had to throw away our bed, and treat all of our clothes, at our own expense

Scattered, building-wide infestation. Apartments treated on case-by-case basis at management expense and resident's headache. I had a major infestation beginning in October 2009 that was never sufficiently resolved until I moved and had a vikane treatment for my belongings and my two vehicles in late December 2009.

Several apartments. Treated at management expense

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