661 Shatto Pl
Los Angeles, CA 90005-1305

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Moved in late 2011, didn't really notice them until summer or late summer in 2012. They're still very much alive after the (new, as of sometime in 2012) management has sprayed at least twice. SPRAYING DOES NOT WORK. I've washed every bit of fabric anything in my apartment multiple times. I have Step-Up interceptors, diatomaceous earth, mattress covers for both my main mattress and my futon, and anti-bed bug spray... still they keep coming back. I am reluctant to move, seeing as if I move I may j

ust bring them with me and not actually solve the problem. I figure it is better to try and fight them. I am currently at my keyboard scratching like a crackhead. Ugh.

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I also moved into this place in 02/15/11 this year. I began being bitten as I began to stay in this apartment. After finding live specimens on the bed, floors and walls I began research and found that it was beg bugs. It has been reported to the management company which has spray the units over four times so far, the bed bugs have not died, they continue to bite. Sleeping in this place is torment. Do not move here under any circumstances. They will simply tell you to throw away your furniture, b

ut that does not solve the problem, the problem is throughout the building.

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The night I moved into my new apartment I was bitten! Very obvious that the bed bugs were here before I moved in. Once I reported the problem I found out that the neighbor below me had reported having the problem after moving in, as well. I was first bitten the night of 3/12/11. After taking every precaution possible and having my place treated twice for the problem, it has gotten even worse! Do not even think of moving to this place, the problem is gonna become worse!

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