200 S Juanita Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90004-5912

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I have been living at Notel Motel, 1906 West 3rd street , Los Angeles, for 2 half years. The firsts case of bed bugs was report a year ago. There was never any extermination done for the problem. 2 weeks ago I found them in my room. Still Professional has never been brought in. I am one of 24 to 30 room now complaining. There may be more. Some feel if they use bleach and Lysol they will not get them. My room is very clean so being clean will not ensure you will not get them. The main pro

blem is that I as well other do not know what they look like are the signs. I do now, and realize I was bitten quit a bit on legs. I have little white markets on leg where I was bitten. I had to go on internet to educated myself on these. I am terrified because I will have to wait until I can move. I done all I can to ensure my clothing is clean so I will not spread to others at work. Then leave everything behind in hopes not to take any with me. I sleep in my car, spary bed bug spray on everything. have all item in ziplock bags. All because the owner would not exterminate. This no way to live. I could kick myself for not checking this out a year ago when I first heard of it. I should have ran then.

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Don\'t know if its isolated, but we got bed bugs. We are not sure how. We think it may have come from one of the apartments around us. Or, perhaps from when our bed was delivered? It began in March around the same time that we believe the apartment below vacated, don\'t know if the bugs migrated up or what.

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