275 S New Hampshire Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90004-5807

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I lived there for 1 year & I regret living there ever. Korea town is really bad. My apartment had so many bugs. Even if we left 1 single crumb, there would be a whole bunch of bugs that would crawl all over it. They crawled on the walls. Everywhere. Even on my boyfriend when we slept. They nested in our bed and the part between the wall and the carpet. They invaded our kitchen & cabinets were infested with them too. So bad, we couldn't use them. They even got into the fridge sometimes. They spra

y everyones apartments every single month with cheap chemicals. And still they come back every time. I even got sick way more than I ever have in my life. We couldn't brake the lease at all. And when we got our deposit back after months and months of waiting & talking 2 them 2 give us back our money, which was a pain in the ass, it wasn't even the whole deposit. They said we didn't clean the kitchen or the bathroom. WE DID! The whole day was devoted to cleaning. Of course we didn't clean out the cabinets, like they said we didn't. WHY SHOULD WE? They were infested & didn't see the reason why. HELLO! The management was so shitty & the bug problem was so bad. Also the basement laundry room is not even up to code. Water on the floor with electrical shit exposed. People can seriously get electrocuted. They need to demolish this place & actually give a shit. That's all I have to say. DON'T EVER RENT THERE. EVEN IF IT'S ONLY $850/Month for a studio. Not worth your health or your sanity.

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A few months after I moved in, I had a "problem" that landed me in the ER--it was mysterious welts that got infected. I have since discovered that it was bedbugs --I caught one biting me & identified it. I figured it out about 4 months ago and have since moved out.

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