207 S Berendo St
Los Angeles, CA 90004-5704

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After living in my apartment for 3 months I started noticing itchy bumps on my ankles and other parts of my body. It was confirmed that there were bedbugs in my apt. I contacted my landlord immediately and he told me he would need to contact the management (Mabry) and they would decide about getting an exterminator and also made a comment that I should "watch where I walk outside". Finally after a week they sent an exterminator (Dewey) and they confirmed that there was in fact bed bugs. Stil

l they told me that management needed to approve the extermination which took another week, they never once said that I would be responsible for the cost of the extermination. They finally did the treatment which was a 2 time treatment, once and then 2 weeks later. The 2nd treatment took place while I was away visiting family over the holidays. I spoke to the exterminator on the phone while he was in my apartment. Today I received a letter from the management for a $300.00 exterminator bill. I do not think I should be responsible.... Furthermore, I just found another bed bug in the apartment... I cannot live here.... I am getting bites all over my body not to mention, I can't sleep. I have been to the Laundromat many times trying to make sure the bugs are not in my clothes. My apartment is in a total disarray. My lease does not expire until August 2015 but I need to evacuate the premises immediately! Also if you go on yelp they have many properties and they ALL have bed bugs. I wish I had done better research but now I am stuck and staying at a friend’s house.

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