245 N Kenmore Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90004-4530

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I am one of the other apartments affected noted in the review above. DO NOT MOVE IN HERE! When the previous poster complained about the bugs (which I observed with my own eyes)...it took them 2 weeks to come treat the apartment. I currently live across the hall and found them in my place soon after. I let them know on 4/29/2012 and my apartment was not treated until 5/30/2012 - A MONTH LATER. Meanwhile, I was waking up with bites all over me, and woke up with a SWOLLEN TONGUE on 3 separate

occasions. As stated, they have known of this issue since late 2011 and did nothing about it. They failed to notify the tenants of the issue and now I have to replace my bed and other furnishings before moving into a new place. They are trying to take me to court for the May rent (which I told them I would pay if they treated the issue). DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND NEVER SET FOOT INSIDE THIS PLACE.

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For the past month i have been geting bit up and going to the Dr. in regards this situation, 2 weeks ago i found abug on my matress, lifting the matress up there where pods of bed bugs all over the place, i thew out my matress, and bleached everything contacted my managment, and its has been 2 weeks and they are finally starting treatment. in november ARTISTE apartments was notified for a infestation in this building and didnt notify anyone, only did a hush hush treatment in that one apartment

, and now me and 2 other apartments are infested bad with bed bugs. PLEASE STAY away from this building, they arent taking actions to take care of this situation, and i do NOT pay to live with bugs.

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