4029 Oakwood Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90004-3414

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Bed bugs are infesting this appartment. A notice was sent out a few months ago in regards to a bed bug problem. It was relayed that if you have noticed bed bugs, to contact the manager and it will be inspected by an exterminator. No info on how to look for these insects or what signs to look for or even what these bugs look like! Grossed out, I quickly researched these bugs and found no reason to be alarmed because I had no sign of infestation in my unit at the time. Until one morning I woke up

with about 20 or so bites all over my body that continued throughout the nights it seemed. I kept searching my bed and everywhere with no signs of these critters. Untill I found numerous bed bugs in the many growing stages!!! I called my manager in disgust and questioned as to why would the whole place be exterminated at one sign of the horrible bugs!? Even still my unit will soon be exterminated but where do I sleep till then? And what about the other units not yet infested? Won't the bugs just run to the next unit and start this vicious cycle once again back to mine?

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