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This place sucks. The WORST building I've EVER lived in. I've been battling the bedbug problem for over a year now. I have to vacuum every day, steam my ENTIRE apartment with and industrial steamer every week, wash my clothes constantly, and had to throw away all of my furniture I worked so hard to buy, since the spraying wasn't stopping them from infesting my stuff. They have a pest control guy come and spray every two weeks, but it doesn't do much. I don't really think he's that qualified

, since he doesn't really seem to know much about them, and I also think he tracks bedbugs from apartment to apartment. I've literally found them in my room right after he's sprayed, the same night. Same thing with maintenance people, every time they come the bugs come back. EVERY TIME!!!!!! The problem is the disgusting people living here. I keep my place clean to keep the problem to a bare minimum, but there are filthy, disgusting tenants living here that couldn't care less if they have bedbugs or not. Oh, and they only spray on Wednesday's, so if you have a pet, prepare to be INCONVIENIENCED TO THE HIGHEST DEGREE THE ENTIRE TIME YOU LIVE HERE. They just assume everyone can take off of work for a few hours in the middle of the week. Like I said, I've been FIGHTING this for over a year. It's taken countless hours of the little free time I have and thousands of dollars out of my pocket in lost furniture, clothes, laundry money, and sanity. I'm saving to move out ASAP. DON'T LIVE HERE....INFURIATINGLY HORRIBLE BUILDING AND MANAGEMENT.

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Fuckin bed bugs everywhere. Getting bit up like no other. Don't come close to here. Hide your wife, hide your kids, there are bed bugs everywhere here. From people below me to people above me...and MYSELF. Management can't do anything because the problem is so rampant.

Leaving soon......gonna sue if I have to.

Sunday 7/17/11
I noticed the first set of bites on my arms. I started doing research and found on bedbugregistry.com that 3918 Beverly Blvd has reports of bed bugs with the most recent report being in May of 2011. At 11pm, I found a bed bug crawling on me while I was in bed. I moved myself and my cat out of the unit that night and back to my condo where I had lived for the prior 6 years.

Monday 7/18/11
At 9am I called Valerie (apartment manager filling in) to discuss the bed bug situatio

n in my unit and to discuss my lease. She told me to speak to the “Supervisor” of the building Camila.

I called the office and spoke to a NOT HELPFUL OR KIND “Operator”. I was told to fax a letter over stating my issues. I pretty much had to beg the operator to transfer me to the supervisor’s voicemail. I did not receive a call back from Camila until 3pm that day.

I explained to Camila that I would be leaving the unit as they failed to provide me and clean, sanitary, healthy place to live.

Valerie called back later than evening saying my unit was not "on the list" for spraying but that they would get someone out tomorrow (per my request with Camila) to spray the unit.

Their solution to the problem was to set up regular sprays to my unit every two week. This was an unacceptable solution as it is a HUGE inconvenience to me. This is also a problem bigger than they think if regular biweekly sprayings need to take place. Unsanitary and Unhealthy NON LIVABLE conditions.

I work in the food service industry and CANNOT serve people food with bites all over my body and in spots that are visible to the guests. Living in the unit for the short time (12 days) affected me work wise as I have since been out of work on unpaid time off until my bites are no longer visible. This was not the 6 month commitment I signed up for.

Tuesday 7/19/11
I spoke to Valerie about preparing my unit for spraying. I then left a message for Camila to be sure that the unit was being fumigated specifically for bed bugs and to ask her a few other questions. She DID NOT call me back. I called Valerie back later that evening (before 5pm) to ask for the contact number for the fumigating company being used as I had questions. Again, I received NO call me back.

Wednesday 7/20/11
My unit was fumigated for bed bugs. I did not go to the unit that day. I called the management company directly and asked the operator to speak to the person above Camila, as neither she nor Valerie had been any help with my situation. After much trouble, again with the operator I was transferred to the voicemail of David Soufer ("manager" of CPMG) and left a message explaining the situation I was in and to please call me back. Again, NO call back.

Thursday 7/21/11
I went to the unit to clear out my stuff and found 3 live bed bugs still present on the ceiling and on the walls. I left a note under the manager’s door stating that I would be moved out of the unit the following day. I asked for a phone call and again, NO call back.

Friday 7/22/11
All my stuff was completely moved out of the unit. Live bed bugs were also present this day. I left another note asking for the unit to be listed ASAP and that I will stop by Saturday 7/23/11 to turn in keys.

Saturday 7/23/11
I came by to turn in my keys at 1:50pm. The Manager office hours that are posted on the door said until 3pm on Saturdays. No one was there at 1:50pm. I called the managers cell phone and no one answered. I also left her a voicemail asking to her to return my call ASAP and again, NO call back. I still have the keys to the unit as I want to set up a time to return the keys.

I finally had to pay to mail my keys via registered mail as I did not want to step foot in that bug infested building. YES the bed bugs came back to my old place with me. So far it has cost $600 to treat my condo. I am still getting bites so it looks like it will probably cost another $600 for 3 treatments. NIGHTMARE!

I have called, emailed and faxed letters trying to get in contact with David Soufer the "manager" of CPMG. Once I called and asked the not helpful rude operator where his personal office was and where he could be found she sent me to their "mailing address" which was a Mail Box and more. He has not tried to get in contact with me at all even though I gave him a date in which I wanted a response by. NONE of my security deposit has been returned as of yet. The next step is small claims court.

DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING! It will ruin your life.

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My girlfriend lives at the Dicksboro, 3918 Beverly Blvd, and is very often bitten in her sleep. She sprays frequently all inside her apartment but the bedbugs keep coming back.

A couple of years ago she and I both saw a discarded mattress leaning against a tree outside the building, with two bedbugs visible on it. This problem is so bad that other houses and buildings in the area are in danger of being infected by the bedbugs from this building. It's clearly a public health concern.

Management told me to move out if I did not like it. They had bed bugs on every floor and everywhere. They said that they could not afford to fix the problem. They said if I moved out I would not get my deposit back, I did move out. I sued them and have been garnishing their bank account ever since to get paid back.

Management refuses to do anything about the bed bugs here.

with regards to to the comment below about mgmt. "laying bait" -that's completely pointless and if that's what your LL is doing to address this, they're doing nothing at all. cockroaches and ants will eat bait, bed bugs suck only blood (they have only needle like appendages for sucking like mosquitoes and no "mouths") so "laying bait" for them to "eat" is futile.

I had to move from the second floor. I had a friend living on the fourth floor they too had to move.

Management told both of us that they could not afford to pay for pest control to control the problem.

In March, other tennents started to complain about the bedbug problem that was growing in this building. The management arranged for a pest control company to lay some bait around the apartments who agreed to treated and they would be back two more times over the next 3 months. 2 months went by with no word of returning pest control. I made a written complaint to the management regarding the bug problem that was now out of control, even in my apartment. The management has scheduled the continu

ed pest control installments. Even though the management company is trying to make some attempt to assist in this problem; without the cooperation of all apartment occupants the spraying of only certain apartments is just going to push the bugs from apartment to apartment without any effective resolution to the initial problem.

3rd floor resident of The Dicksboro

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