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I was concerned after reading the report above as my husband and I had just checked into this hotel. I turned the lights out and grabbed my flashlight to do a check. The mattress was very new and protected by a full zipper enclosure as well as a mattress protector on top. There were no bedbugs at all. I don't know of the owner has changed but the bed and the entire room was clean as it comes. We got the last room in the hotel for the night so I'm sure it was not the best in the hotel but it

was above my expectations for an inexpensive hotel. Just thought I would report that things certainly must have changed since the incident listed above.

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Hope people don't take your site as gospel because you are one sided with no option for defence, and we were intouch with you last year you failed to reply or post our comment.

You say 'Tell us what happened'!that's a -----.

On friday, August 13 2010 my boyfriend and my self checked in to the Harbour Light Motel room #213. We are from Alberta and were in B.C to attend a memorial the following day in Duncan. We had been enjoying the sites and were very tired...we let down our gaurd and are paying a heavy price. We went straight to bed and I fell asleep immediately, however my boyfriend was itching and crawling all over and fortunately was unable to get to sleep. Just under 2 hours after checking in my boyfriend w

oke me up. He was covered in welts and thought that maybe he was having an allergic reaction, I jumped out of the bed, whipped back the covers and saw not just a few bed bugs but a thriving colony in various stages of growth. There were eggs, nymphs and full grown, well fed bed bugs! Upon pulling back the bedspread we were sickened to see that the seams on the underside were so infested with droppings, eggs and bugs the the originally white thread appeared to black in places! Yes...we took pictures!!!
We jumped in the shower, tried not to touch anything else and bagged all our clothes and personal items that we had in the room. It was now approximately 2 a.m. We vacated the room as quickly as possible. At the front desk, the desk clerk did not appear surprised at all! She quickly and without question offered us a refund, all the while mumbling and making feeble excuses about how it is the locals that are responsible. From there things get hazy, we had to drive about 30 hours straight! Or I should say that my boyfriend did...I am a non-driver. Obviously we couldn't attend the services that we had planned our trip around nor visit any of my many relatives in the Kelowna region as planned. We did not want to spread the bugs! We headed straight back to Alberta and the nightmare continues...we have had to throw out many personal items, have been washing all our clothing in HOT water and drying them on high heat for 3 hours each load(of course we took all our best clothes on holiday and our best dress clothes for the services) and although I'm not sure that we destroyed all the bugs yet, I do know that we destroyed alot of clothing! We went to an exterminator and got insectides that claim to destroy bed bugs, we have saturated our vehicle, luggage and everything else that wouldn't fit in the washing machine. The residual spray remains for 60 days so that renders all those items unusable for that time span. Including the vehicle which is a convertable! Today is exactly one week since we checked into that bed bug motel and during that time the motel did not contact us at all(a prompt apology and assurance that the problem was being handled would have gone a long way!) so I contacted them today! The Manager aknowledged that there was bed bugs in the room and again blamed it on locals...she claimed that all we had needed to do was wash our stuff in hot water and that attending the memorial would not have spread this to our friends and family! May be that that caviler attitude is what spreads them in the first place. She also said that she personally cleans the rooms and personally changed the bedspread herself...impossible for that kind infestation to appear overnight! The management fully acknowledged that there were bed bugs in our room and claimed to have called in an exterminator, however she claims that we over reacted and there was no reason to curtail our holiday or abandon our plans to visit family as "they are all over B.C anyway"...she also stated that this has already cost her $2000, like that is our fault!?! By the way, I really don't think that they could have treated the entire hotel for this amount and with that level of infestation there is no way other rooms were not infested. Anyway, we are still itching(my welts manifested hours after checking out) and are on high alert for any sign of the bugs. I will update if we find any sign of bugs or hear anything from the management/owner of Harbour Light Motel 200 Nanaimo Street

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