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hi I send a e-mail to join your group
as I lived in tudor gardens in 2008 and they were talking about bed bugs then now I had to move because of my husband passing as I could not afford there rents and now im under there properties again on 350 terminal ave and they want me out I need to reach out to someone so I can say my pieace as I hope they don't do this stuff to other seniors please be in touch with me please my number is 250-591-2284 thanks.i have to be out soon and cant find a place to

live don't want to be on the streets and I do have an animal im so devastated to know where to reach out thank-you again.

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would like to join group and I want to tell my story at 350 terminal ave north I used to live at wakesiah ave ill tell you my story its very bad and im a senior thank-you

I moved out of Tudor garden just over a year ago because I has bed bugs and they were biting my son like crazy they took no reaposability for it and said that it was me that brought them in after living there for 3 years but I knew that the neighbor had just moved out othe same reason and they are supposed to spay connectin appartments for this problem they spraye my appartment twice ut still had the problem they said i did something wrong in the preping but i dist i washed everything i took ev

erything off of every shelf and serface after being told i disnt have to but it was on the preping pape they have me so i did i ended up moving i couldnt keep watching my son get bit I left a bed a couch an entertainment stand and a couple TVs my sons crib and other things that I though they might travel in then more then a year after moving out I got a bill for $1500 or moving out without notice $400 dumping fee $250 cleaning fee and laundry key and card fees I think it's disgusting that they could send me a bill after I had to leave everything behind because that was my life I defently didn't want to start all over again Kelly I rude and her herself feels keeped out just being in the office try living in it sleeping in it dot know quite what to do about this as I'm not paying them. Dime bd don't want to mess my credit up for it being in collections

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I moved into 130 Stewart Avenue in November of last year. Landlord told me that there was bed bugs in the unit I wanted but said that it had been sprayed 3 times. I chose to move into different unit. April of this year I started to get a rash(bites) all over. Then one night I felt something on my arm. smacked it and sure enough, it was a bed bug. I contacted Northern Properties and they had someone come in and spray 3 times. Figured everything was okay, until yesterday when I was doing laundry a

nd transferring my laundry from washer to dryer and saw an adult bug. Not sure if it came from my clothes or was already in there. Spoke to someone from bedbug experts and he told me that heat is the only thing to kill them. after spending hundreds of dollars on laundry and bed covers and the problem is still there. VERY DISGUSTED in not only the property managers, but also the man from Orkin who lied to my face stating everything will be fine. Sooooo frustrated.

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I live at 153-302 wakesiah ave and when we moved in here 2 years ago they said that they sprayed for precaution, we grilled them for what and never got a straight answer. When i emailed head office i got redirected to the area manager in the area here and that was the office at TUDOR GARDENS. Last summer we were all inconvienced for a month so they could do there spray apparently.. And stupid amounts of Hydro used to wash all bedding and clothing,and no reimbursement for their screw up...I am ju

st finally maybe getting back on track from a year ago.

2 Years later and the bed bug issue is still here and half the places are empty they obviously have no way to combat this bedbug issue. Orkin is not doing a through job when coming into spray and they place the blame on you when you say that you have them. I never knew what a bed bug was or looked like until my neighbor showed me live ones. They are not disclosing the issue when low income families are moving in here and I personally think that they should have too. But if you call tenancy they state that Northern Properties does not have to disclose that. BULLSHIT,any other property management company that is professional would. They only way they are going to get rid of this bedbug issue here is by ripping the god damn things down and rebuilding. I am waiting for an eviction notice to show up.....just because i have withheld some of my rent money. BUT DO NOT EVER RENT AT TUDOR GARDENS they are shady

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Me and my mom lived there and moved out due to bed bugs...i was laying in my bed with my new born baby just comming out of the NICU...and all of the sudden there was a bug running across my bed...i imediatly ran down to the apt managers and angela and kelly at the time who was running the place told me it wasn't a bed bug and that i was losing it...i flipped shit..and was told to calm down my behaviour...and that i was being rude and to pretty much get out of the office....so if there is any hel

p that i can provide please contact me thank you....

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do you have bedbugs?
we are trying to go after Northern properties LTD for their bedbug issue that they will not fix and just keep using cover ups!!

Here is a facebook group to share your horror stories and get the ball rolling to file a case action lawsuit!!!


I lived at 155-302 in may 2009 till Nov 2010 It was in Oct that I found out our place was infested with bed bugs I have 3 boys & my oldest & youngest were affected most by them I took my young to the Dr & was told they were bed bug bites. When I went home I threw his bed out without hesitation & told the management & they said I brought it with my things. In Nov I moved out with no choice but to leave all my things & they sent me a bill for $3000 for the cleaning & dump Its pretty sad because I

have no refrence for renting because they blamed me.
I got the bed covers & covered our beds I stayed with my late mother for 2 weeks because they said they were fumigating the suite when I went to check it out I still found bedbugs on the outside of the covers & they said there was nothing more they could do.

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i just moved in to tudor gardens as of august 1st, and the apt they moved us into was bed bug infested, so they told us to wash everything with what money we had to last us all month and we used it all they said we would get it back its been a week and nothing, and the new apt they moved us into has bedbugs also, my babies are getting bitten up really bad, also my neice is scratching and scabbing up, so we are moving ! and there still showing apts i have not seen an exterminator for my previous

apt go in and spray. Bull shit !

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I have to agree with the statement made below, Northern Property REIT are bad landlords and the bedbug problem will never be resolved as long as the current manager is in place. She really does not care and refuses to follow any recommendations but instead picks the easy parts. She directs her staff to do these things and then when someone complains she does not take the blame, I know this first hand being a previous employee.

I worked for that terrible place three years ago, and they had a huge bedbug problem back then. They have known about it since 2008, and have done nothing about it. Their other properties have bedbug and rat infestations too! The manager will not do anything about it, because it will come off her bonuses! Terrible place to work, and must be terrible to live there too! DO NOT RENT FROM NORTHERN PROPERTY!

The person who posted for 2010, please contact [email protected]

Anyone with bed bug issues prior to July 2011 or after July 18th, 2011, please contact the above email.

July 10/11
I was just looking for any bedbug reports on this property and come across this site. As of 2 days I received a notice that there is a case of bed bugs in the building I live in. They apparently still have not dealt with the infestation that's been here since at least 2010. They are only doing half of the building, it's no wonder they can't solve the problem. We were told to move absolutely everything 3 feet from the walls, remove and wash ALL clothing,bedding and all other fabric ma

terials. We received the notice at 4:30 on the 6th of July. To have this all done and be out of our unit from 8am until 5pm July 8th and possibly until the next morning. According to the landlord tenancy act they should have provided a hotel if necessary as well as provided the laundry costs, however the resident manager refused all responsibility for either of the costs and claimed that it was not their responsibility because they were paying for the treatment itself. They also said any preparation that wasn't completed would be finished by company staff at the cost of $35 an hour per staff member at a minimum of 2hrs. Upon arrival at my place the next morning found that certain units didn't get done at all and that all preparation had to be redone. There are older people, people with kids, and even on assistance. Some people that just don't have the time or money do to everything out of their own pockets and time. The landlords are unreasonable and reluctant to help with anything, to the point where their even charging for the mattress covers for after treatment. So yes the rumors you've heard about the property having bug infestations and not fully dealing with them are absolutely true.

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After finally getting something done about the bugs the management has decided to evict me based on late payment of rent! BIG SURPRISE! WHATEVER YOU DO DONT RENT FROM NORTHERN PROPERTY, ESPECIALLY TUDOR GARDEN APT ON WAKESIAH!

Update: Still waiting for the exterminator after a week of being eaten alive! need to get mattress covers before the exterminator comes in says the management, they ordered some for me online, but seems to be taking a while to arrive! Since the discovery i have been cleaning my suite top to bottom very thouroughly, also threw away alot of stuff that i thought could be infested and some things you just cant fit into a washer, dryer! Also have discovered in my cleaning efforts the infestation is

worse than first thought! Went around to all my neighbors, some were terrified, others werent surprised at all! I think the problem is in the entire 4 building complex as i have people who have verified the bugs in 3 of the 4 buildings! If your considering moving to tudor gardens please take caution and look for any sign of bbugs before you move in, talk to some of the tenants who live there. you may want to think real hard about risking everything you own before moving in here! my plan is to wait til i am bug free then throw away everything that cant fit in a washing machine, furniture desks dresser, yes everything, then move its going to be like starting all over again with only our clothes, will make for an easy move anyway!

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My little girl was developing red bumps on her body, and seemed to be having an allergic reaction to something, so off to the doctor we went! First doctor we saw said "yes its bed bugs"! I thought he was nuts, bed bugs no way i thought! Went home checked her bed but did not find anything! I think at first i was in denial and did not want it to be bed bugs! After talking to the management about possibly having bed bugs i was told that they needed to see one before hiring an extermina

tor! 2 months later and after about 6 different doctors opinions i finally found the bugs on her boxspring along the seams! I saved some of the bugs to show to the building manager and she has scheduled an exterminator to come in and spray! I hope after the treatment this nightmare will finally be over! Will let u know how the treatment goes and if it works as i have heard bed bugs can be hard to get rid of!

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