880 Vernon Ave
Saanich, BC V8X

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880 Vernon Ave (apt's 207/208/116 now
& others prior to same)
When I accepted a BC Housing Bach Ste here I was not informed that there is an ongoing infestation of Bedbugs traveling around this building. Although there are treatments happening by RS Restoration Services when complaints arise it has never been enough to eradicate them from this building. (Cross my fingers) I have lived here over 1 year & so far have always been clear of these bugs....
When I requested a transfer to another bl

dg I was told 'your application would not be approved for these reasons'.
Thus I will have to apply to other places outside of Bc Housing.......
My experience with these bugs was to have the (pest control) place sticky boxes around my apt and come back 2-3 weeks later to check & remove them stating 'I had none'. I asked them where they had (moved)to & was informed 'unfortunatly the same 2 tenants still have them 207/208'. Their suites were treated previously but they still have them! I am now informed there are bugs in another ste too(116).
The (pest control) never replaced the sticky boxes to follow-up on the travel of bugs here so
I made my own sticky pads.(At time of ckg for bugs in sticky boxes BC Hsg also tested smoke alarms finding mine didn;t function well, but never came back to replace it (now about 3 weeks ago). One tenant has called A channel & he been interviewed on camera this week
giving them a bedbug as proof).
A good site to get info on bedbugs is Bed-Bug.net.

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