749 Pandora Ave
Victoria, BC V8W

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This building is having problems with bedbugs I found out about a couple of months ago by a letter near the mailbox saying please tell staff if u have bedbugs so it can be treated by pest control. This building has taken some street people as tenants recently it seems by the sound of shopping carts and the rank odor left in the elevator and stairwell yes I do realize that anyone can get them the bedbug is blind to one's Socioeconomic status but when you have people with out a permanent residence

who take advantage of the shelters and hostels which are prone to have problems with bedbugs then come visit/stay the problem can arise,which it has. I don't think the bedbugs will be leaving this building anytime soon thanks to the fan less air ducks in the bathroom which doesn't serve much purpose other than letting other peoples odor and smoke waft in this system of pipes give the bedbugs there own personal subway system, that may sound like overkill but I have now been noticing bites on my self. What to do if I manage to get rid of them they will just come back from other parts of the building and be continually brought in by the many "visitors".I guess ill stick to my memories of this place when the halls and elevator didn't stink and I didn't have to worry about bedbugs,I felt proud to live here.

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