1413 Government St
Victoria, BC V8W

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My friend and I stayed at this very small spa hotel in Victoria, BC Nov. 15, 2008, till Nov.18, 2008, in an upstairs 1 bedroom unit. I found bites on me later the next day, wasn't sure what they were till they started swelling up ( I have a severe reaction to them) went to a clinic the next night to get antibiotic cream. Received very little help from hotel manager, other than I could wash my own clothes, transport them myself to another hotel, without any of the same amenities, and possibly tra

nsport them on my suitcase to the next hotel! I am still fighting with this hotel and timeshare company.
After washing twice, I still managed to infest my home in Vancouver, and am now out more than $2000.00. The timeshare company apparently had the room checked by a professional, but i know now from experience in my own home how difficult that would be in a new infestation. Only half the population reacts to the bites, my partner had no reaction, and the eggs and the eggs are the size of dust.
Was told that maybe my children brought them to my home! I only started having bites after a night in their hotel, and a couple of weeks after I got home, enough time for gestation of picked up eggs.
The time share company is Point To Point Destinations, the hotel is also with RCI timeshares. I will have to sue them to get any compensation it seems.

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