1120 Blanshard St
Victoria, BC V8W

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I reported the bedbugs to managment July 05, 2010
1120 Blanshard Street
Montrose Apartments

I was waking up around 4am with swollen, itchy red bites on my arms and face. I went to the doctor and he gave me meds and anti-itch cream not knowing what it could be. I eventually found out that I was having an allergic reaction to the bed bugs. I searched my bedrrom and pulled back my head board and saw tiny bugs, some as small as a dot from a pen and some as big as my pinky finger nail. I lef

t my apartment that night, actually the next 4 nights. The following morning I informed the management company and they told me that they would have my apartment sprayed, meanwhile I had to wait four days. In had to pack up everything in plastic bags and put it into the center of my living room. My apartment has been sprayed and I am still gwaking up with bites. The management company is aware of this but is taking their sweet time getting back to me. Also, I have paid full rent for the month of July yet my apartment has not been habiltable and I was directly told by the management company that they are not responsible for this and I will not be compensated for the time that bed bugs have infested in my apartment.

I recently found out that the entire four apartmenst on the upper unit are infested and one of them recently had their apartment fumagated. Last fall, the apartments below us had bedbugs as well. As tenants we were not informed of this now we have to deal with having bed bugs because the entire building was not fumagated.

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Bedbugs were found in the building in June 2009. They were first found on the first floor but seemed to have moved to the second. The property managers have been quick to spray but only on an apartment by apartment basis. If an apartment does not complain, the property managers do not notify them and the apartment isn't sprayed. This patchy attempt has made it difficult to fully exterminate the pests. The last apartment that I am aware getting sprayed was in March 2010.

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