535 Niagara St
Victoria, BC V8V
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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There were bed bugs in the building last year end of 2010 and beg of 2011. From what I was told, it has been a problem for the last 3 years. Everything is kept very quiet. Most tenants did not know about the bed bug problem.

As of Sept14 I come to find out that the building i live in has bedbugs.And it has had them for about three months. And we we only told about it a few days ago.If this place has had them for three moths i wish we would have been told sooner about it.how many more times are we going to have to put up the bedbugs before they clean this place up.and i think this building should be put back on the bedbug registry.

Sorry but this web site is INCORRECT
That was in 2009 in February and the person who had the bedbugs was EVICTED

The building is clean with the new Managers

Why are you putting down stuff - please contact PCO and they'll confirm 535 Niagara is cleared

Please remove address from you site

BEDBUGS!! for real I am sorry to say. This has been an ongoing problem for two years now. More were discovered on the forth floor this week. There will be another treatment soon. Those of us affected would really like legislation approving DDT for these pests approved.

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