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Victoria, BC V8V

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For Kate Devlin if you have this problem in your units again please call us we use heat to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs with only 1 treatment guaranteed! www.bcbedbugexpert.com

Some time ago I wrote you about this report. I am the landlord for this property and I would like the rebuttal I sent you printed alongside the original report.

Please do me the courtesy of responding. It is not fair for you to print a complaint without all of the information - especially when it is provided to you.

Two apartments. Original case alerted the obvious evidence to in-house management in October '09 but was not addressed by management until January '10. Tenants in the building were never made aware of the infestation, nor of the pesticide spraying which has occurred during the past two weeks, Today we (other tenants) found out about the situation via chat in the building. The second infestation is directly above the first infested apartment.

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