20 Olympia Ave
Victoria, BC V8V

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Bedbugs are gone from this property, treated properly and thoroughly, bedbugs don't care how clean of a person you are, honeymooners bring them back, ride a grey hound you can bring them back, go to the movies, you could bring them back. Surrounding units are treated as a precautionary measure to ensure complete control and elimination of the pest.

my mother lives in this apartment building, and she is the cleanest person. which is why we were both horrified to hear that a few people on her floor had a bad case of bed bugs. they have disgusting red carpets in the hall ways!
i would hate to think of all the elderly people in this apartment having to throw away their beds and books and furniture. that's a lot of work for them.
at least they came to spray a few units. but we all know you can never truly get rid of bed bugs.

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