2323 Wark St
Victoria, BC V8T

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When the above tenant notified us of her bedbug issue, we responded quickly and efficiently. The bedbugs never spread to any other suite and it was easily determined that she brought the bedbugs into her suite in a "free" mattress she picked up on the side of the road.

Since this isolated incident (over 2 years ago), 2323 Wark St has undergone a complete renovation. All the suites were gutted down to their bones and their electrical and plumbing were fully upgraded. New insulation, drywa

ll, windows, flooring, finishes, fixtures and more were installed by a reputable construction contracting company. It has literally been transformed into a "brand new" 1908 classic character home!!

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two months ago found huge bedbug population through appt. lost a lot of furniture. appt sprayed twice while i slept on the floor for entire time. Been about 3 weeks and suddenly i am finding them again. First time landlords responded promptly and got a pest control guy in. There is no reason for me to believe they will not spray a third time for me because my place needs it. bedbugs are a nightmare and now i cant visit two of my friends because they have them (presumably from me) with my full ap

ologies. Also once i get my appt clear of them no one can visit me ever and i still have to get a new bed but cant until i know for sure that they are gone~!!

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