1900 Douglas St
Victoria, BC V8T

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I am the manager of Paul's Motor Inn and unfortunately, we did have a case of bed bugs as the poster says. The hotel hired a pest inspection company on the day in question and 1 room had bed bugs. 3 others had signs of bugs. As a result, we threw out the 8 beds in the 4 rooms and closed those rooms and all of the adjoining rooms for a week. All of these rooms were treated twice and there has been no sign of any pests and no issues since. There are also new beds in all of the affected rooms.

Only half of the film crew moved to our sister hotel and I am confident that the rest of the crew and the production manager who stayed were happy with the results of our actions.

If anyone coming to Victoria has any concerns, please contact me at the hotel.

Michael King
Hotel Manager

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I came to Victoria to work on a movie being shot here. It was a low budget movie and the production put the crew up at Pauls Motor Inn. After the second night staying there, one of the stand-ins on the show came to work covered in bites. She thought she might have gotten them from bedbugs in her room. After the crew threatened to quit the show and go home if nothing was done, the production hired a pest control company to come in and check all the rooms. After examination, the room she was

staying in was confirmed to have bedbugs. The entire crew moved out that night after work. I hope this helps other people who might be looking for a cheap room in Victoria.

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