341 4th St W
North Vancouver, BC V7M

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About four months ago in October/08 some people moved into our building and left the most disgusting piss smelling matresses and stuff in the storage areas near to my suite. Since then I have been infested with Bedbugs and Cockroaches. I originaly had Silverfish present when I moved in, but they have been driven out by the roaches I think, as i have not seen any for months now. I have used DiaDirt everywhere and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned until I can clean no more. I actually now sleep under

a netting system for camping, and since then have had no bites. I thought they were gone but today (Jan/09) I actually sat on an adult in my chair. It had not fed yet, but I have had no recent bites, which makes me think they are travelling from other apartments.

No matter how much I "Sanitize" my apartment they will not go away while the other suites are left untreated. Godd I hate em...

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