140 19th St W
North Vancouver, BC V7M

Found 4 reports:

Stayed at my friends aparment for 2 nights, came home covered in bed bug bites, my suitcase had a few live ones hiding in a pocket. Had to get rid of the suitcase and all clothes.

Talking to my friend about this she now tells me that bed bugs are a persistant problem at this address. Thanks for the late notice!!

We just moved out - our apartment had bed bugs too. We had to discard our bed, sofa and other furniture. I intend to take action. We were never informed prior to moving in that this building was infested with bed bugs. Instead, the landlord hid the fact with total disregard that our property would be damaged.

My girlfriend and I rented a room from someone in this building for one night (November 3, 2010) and I have never been so covered in any kind of bites in my life. This place must be absolutely infested! Definitely somewhere to avoid!

There was a severe infestation in our apartment. (I'm thinking the previous tenant had bed bugs and never did anything about it) We had it treated and it spread to the apartment above us.

The landlords were very un helpful with the treatment process and we lost a lot of money and belongings. Im pretty sure the apartment wasn't properly treated and rented out again with bedbugs still present after we left.

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