530 Raven Woods Dr
North Vancouver District, BC V7G

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I rented a furnished one bedroom/den ground floor condo unit #105 in the 530 Ravenwoods Complex for 3 months from Feb 15th, 2011 to May 15, 2011. My daughter lives in the neighbouring complex and I have a home on the Island. I had slept in the Master bed when I stayed, but stayed in the guest bed at the beginning of May for one night. I went home and broke out in major bites/welts the next day mostly on my arms and hands, the itchiest things ever - I had an allergic reaction to the bites and the

y kept appearing for a week (Dr. told me to expect this). I didn't really figure out it was bed bugs until my daughter went in and found a bug on the bed (I had found one the night I stayed in the bed, but didn't know it was a bed bug) - and she called the Pest Detective who confirmed it was a bed bug and upon inspection confirmed the bed was infested with them. It was only after that I discovered that the 3 friends that also slept in that bed had been bitten and did not realize where it happened. I realize now after looking up all about bed bugs that they also have a smell (similar to Coriander) and I remember noticing this smell upon my first step into the condo. I reported this to the rental management company and they did get the pest folks to fumigate within a few days (and have to do round two in 2 weeks as the eggs don't get killed with this poison) - they did however try and tell me that there was no proof that they were in the condo when I arrived or that I didn't bring them and that they couldn't have been there as there was no one renting for a couple months before me - they rescinded this statement when I gave them a bed bug 101 lesson - no doubt so they didn't have to refund me any of my rental money - nor to even comp the 'professional clean and carpets' that did such an excellent job before by arrival, which was not cheap. I personally think it should be expected that an expensive furnished rental condo would be bug free and inspected before every rental by a professional. Needless to say, I have never run into bed bugs before, nor had my friends, and we are all having bed bug sleeping trauma - it's horrible, and on top of this I and my friends all spent a fair dollar on prescription creams, antibiotics for secondary infections and hours and hours doing laundry and cleaning in our own homes. I was so unimpressed and disappointed by the management company saying bed bugs were just a fact of life and couldn't be helped and that the owners didn't feel any responsibility towards their tenant.

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