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A couple of months ago we noticed blood spots on our sheets but didn't know what it was from. I am a baker so I sleep during the day and when I was trying to sleep I noticed a bug on my pillow. I of course flicked it off and was grossed out. Then I noticed some oval shaped bugs once in awhile in out bath room. I had never seen bugs like these so I didn't think much and just vacuumed and cleaned my house more then normal thinking I could get rid of them. Then I started to get suspicious and I che

cked out matress and we found bed bugs. I went online to figure out what to do. I put everything in bags I riped my bed apart and got matress covers everything was away from the walls. We don't have a ton of money so I just went to wallmart and got a bed bug spray. I covered our room with the spray and then I told my landlady. They came back so then I heard about 'diatomaceous earth' and how it would work. I once again did a big clean up and put that powder all over our house. It seemed to be working and I hadn't seen any for a long time. Then last night we found more. I guess the cover on the the bed had some little rips and they got in there again. Once again I have cleaned and put the powder down and this time the cover is sealed. If I find them again I am going to have to bit the bullet and call the pros.

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