8031 Colonial Dr
Richmond, BC V7C

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I have finally moved out of this building because of the bedbug issue. The management doesn't do anything to fix it so I had to go. There are lots of shady business happening in there, including prostitution and who knows which guy brings in the bug... Stay away!

They're on my couch and my bed. They have been there for about a year. The Lanlord wont pay for the removal because they claim i brought them in. Never had them in my last pace. I put a white comforter on my couch so that i can see them commig. Then i catch them - at least two to three big ones a night. After, i don't kull then, i put them in a half full wine glass where they die. They hate water. Most of them sink to the bottom, but sometimes i get floaters. I have quite the collection.


e tried all kinds of sprays to try to get ride of them. But they keep a coming. I don't think i'll ever get ride of them.

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